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Welcome to Okinawa.Org!

Okinawa.Org’s mission is to be the largest Okinawa community on the web.

Connect with people on the island. Stay informed. Learn. Share. All for free!

Okinawa.Org Services and Resources:
  • Introductions: Introduce yourself and network with the Okinawa community!
  • Okinawa News: News pieces about Okinawa aggregated and curated from reputable sources.
  • Okinawa Blog: In-depth articles on everything Okinawa.
  • Places - Find things to do in Okinawa with Okinawa. Org Places. It's not only a business directory, but a directory of everything to do while in Okinawa.
  • Okinawa Classifieds: A place to sell your items here in Okinawa – Free!
  • Conversations: One-on-one (or group) conversations with other members, similar to email. Best of all, email addresses are not shared with PM participants.
  • What's New: A brief overview of newly created content on Okinawa.Org.
More Resources:
Are you new to Okinawa.Org?
  • Practice Test Posting: Learn how to use the features of this forum without worrying about making mistakes.
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