News Okinawa.Org Server Update

Okinawa.Org has been updating our hardware behind the scenes to provide users with a faster experience as we expand.​

Okinawa.Org - 5 times more powerful than before!

If you logged on throughout the day of Saturday 12, 2020 at any time, you could have encountered many errors. There is nothing to be worried about here though as we were merely benchmarking all server configurations prior to deciding on the best; all of your account data is safe and sound on a new server.

There shouldn't be any more interferences throughout the weekend unless it's in the wee morning hours. This is when we will be preparing to roll out updates that the software that Okinawa.Org runs on.

In the rare instance that you run into a bug, as always, report it in the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum so that we may attempt to fix issues in our control.​
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