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There was a great local music scene 20-15 years ago. American bands would come and go (I was in one), and some were really good - thank goodness for 7th Heaven. But, other local places like K-Mind in Ginowan would have so many good local bands. Are there any current favorites? What were some of yours from back in "your day"? Some that ring a bell for me: Dead Blood, 2sid1BRAIN, The Cops Are Inside Us... and so many other bands whom I cannot remember the names of right now. It was always inspiring to see a great music community flourish in Okinawa.
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Sounds like fun times... a lot of good times in Okinawa.

Have any pictures to share of bands, etc.? I think our flip-phones still had a 1-megapixel camera. :p


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It was so long ago (I left in 2004) and I've lost most of the pictures that I had, or deleted the Myspace and Facebook accounts that held them!

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Condition Green was about the only band in Okinawa back in 74. We called the street "BC" street. It was where the bars were and at the end of the street was the club. If I remember right, the club had to close at 10 pm. The police would patrol, when they did, the band went silent and then after the police left, the band started playing again. This street was not to far off from the main gate of Kadena. Got to know the members and when they performed a few years later at the Whiskey a GO GO in Hollywood, I got to meet them there and they remembered me. Okinawa had this music store there close by and had the only Fender strat that I wanted to buy, but at a military income, it was out of reach, so I bout a Greco Les Paul for 30000 yen. If I can find the picture of me playing it, I'll post it. Also bought an Elk amp that were popular at the time.
Right now, acoustic guitars (old ones ) at the pawn shops are less then 10000 yen. Picked up a 1980 Morris W-18 and its kind of a collectors guitar. Style after one of a Martins design. Gosh, I just saw another "cat's eye" by Tokai the other day, but heck, I already got enough guitars. LOL

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