News Okinawa Map and Forum Prefix Color Changes

Okinawa Map and Forum Prefix Color Chang
Okinawa Map and Forum Prefix Color Changes
The Okinawa map that we showcase on the main page of our site to color-code our Okinawa yellow pages ("Places") has been slightly modified. We've decided to tone down the lively eye-popping colors to ones that are down-to-earth tones.

Okinawa map for Okinawa.Org business navigation

More importantly, the colors that we selected for this hit home in Okinawa. These colors are used in textiles for the dress wear that you often see local Japanese nationals wearing during the ryubu style dancing in Okinawa.

To represent the different sections of Okinawa featured in Places we now have vermilion for the northern part of the island; purple for the central district; and green for the southern part of the island with a yellow subsect of that area dedicated just for Naha City, the capital of Okinawa.

Prefixes are seen before Okinawa business names to designate where in Okinawa something is

The prefixes — North, Central, Naha, and South — which are seen next to the business names will now reflect the new color scheme.
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