News Okinawa Events Released!

The long-awaited (for us) Okinawa Events calendar—which completes the core of our site, Okinawa.Org—has been released!
Okinawa Events released on Okinawa.Org

This calendar will feature events aggregated by staff from various local sources such as towns and cities, newspapers and other various places to bring you the best of things to do in Okinawa.

There are several views that this calendar has to offer.

While on a computer, it might be best to view the events calendar in the monthly view. This is because it is reduced in size and barely readable, let alone clickable, on a smaller mobile device, while on a desktop gives you a clearer picture of the happenings around Okinawa.
The monthly view of things to do in Okinawa in our Okinawa Events calendar section

We suggest mobile users utilize the list view, weekly view, or daily view in order to easily find something of interest. Although, we'd recommend sticking with the weekly view for planning purposes.
The weekly view of things to do in Okinawa in our Okinawa Events calendar section

If you find an event that you would like to attend, don't forget to add it to your calendar! You can do so by clicking the "Add to calendar" button which will add it to your preferred calendar, be it on Android, iOS, or even your desktop computer.
Add to calendar button to save an event to any electronic calendar that you prefer

Even though the Okinawa events calendar supports multiple calendars, we are initially releasing it with just one that only staff members can post to.

Later, registered users may be able to add events of their own in a secondary calendar. Nevertheless, if you have anything to share, you may use the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum to inform us of an event that we may have missed or overlooked.

As it stands, the calendar only has one event: The creation of the calendar itself. However, we will be adding events on a consistent basis, so it's best to sign up and even bookmark your favorite calendar view.​
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Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
The calendar was quite a long time in the making to get it almost just right.

There are a few more adjustments that need to be made, and, we're open to suggestions in the forum listed above in order to accommodate many different views or how the calendar should function for guests (please use "Contact Us" in this instance, but we do recommend signing up) and members.

As of now, we have RSVP options disabled, but, they are there for when the time arises and we can separate calendars with different event accessibilities such as all-inclusive events around Okinawa, base events open to locals, SOFA only events, small business events, and even Okinawa.Org added events.

One of our visions is to become an Eventbrite(tm) of Okinawa by using these calendars and processing direct peer-to-peer payments to gain access to certain events, but, we will need to look into legalities of that before we can proceed in that direction. It will most likely be up to the buyer and seller, but, the fees would drastically be lower than the 2.5% of the ticket value, plus $0.99 per ticket, along with an additional 3.5% for credit card processing as we want to save both businesses and consumers money.

And, hey, if you're a bar throwing an event, that could very well equate to either the patron or business not being able to provide a free drink (around 300 yen in fees gobbled up) on a 3000 yen pre-purchased ticket.

Okinawa.Org is not affiliated with Eventbrite(tm) and was merely used as an example of what could be if there's interest.

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