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If one account with total permissions were to be compromised in an attack, it'd have devastating effects for user experience. Therefore, we've separated accounts into only having permissions set to only execute certain tasks. For a better understanding of this, below are the official accounts of Okinawa.Org and their purposes.

This account will answer various questions in the Questions and Answers forum. For now, it is utilized only to answer questions originating from the Questions account.

This account will post FAQ, along with thorough answers, under the FAQ, Rules, and Help Guides forum.

Like FAQ, Help performs the same tasks but creates guides prior to questions arising. Help also assists in answering questions that come through the Contact Okinawa.Org Support if a moderator is unavailable at the time.

In the classifieds section, there is a category of Okinawa Jobs. Business accounts can post specific positions they have open and regular users may post seeking ads, but the Jobs account aggregates the job postings from USAJobs, MCCS (for Marine Corps Bases), NAF Jobs (for Kadena), Army MWR (for Torii), and Navy MWR (for White Beach) along with certain contractors known to be on island (too much to list) to save job seekers valuable time.

The News account posts both aggregated and hand-curated news from reputable sources to the Okinawa News section of our blog.

When a new place that we think you should discover is found, we post it in Places: Things to do in Okinawa under this account.

The Questions account curates frequently asked questions in Okinawa and creates a question for Answers to answer.

Official Okinawa.Org editorial reviews are made of places under this account.

The rules of this website will be updated from time to time and be clarified/posted by this account.

This account performs various site-wide administrative tasks with a limited scope.

Last updated: January 18, 2019
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