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Dec 17, 2018
Not everything has to be on-topic about Okinawa. We wanted to create a fun and relaxing forum environment where randomness and banter can occur in a constructive manner. As such, we're opening our "Off Topic Okinawa" forum where you are able to post whatever you wish.

The only rule that we have put in place, for now, is to keep the posts family-friendly as we have visitors from around the world that can see what you post and don't wish to make a bad light of Okinawa, the island itself, because of the inhabitants.

Memes about Okinawa or anything else is fine for as long as they again either portray Okinawa in a good light or do not cross the line; jokes are also okay, for as long as they're again, family-friendly, etc.

Anything that does fall into the realm of being inappropriate will merely be deleted. If the posts, however, are found to be blatant spam, they will not only be deleted, but you will be banned as well.

Questions, comments, and feedback about this forum can be publicly be made in the Comments and Feedback or you can privately address issues with staff in the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum.

We ask that you make use of the "Report" button on posts, within this forum and elsewhere, and type in a brief description of what is wrong with the post. This is so that it may be immediately addressed on the spot and, if necessary, discussed aftward.
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Not open for further replies.

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