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Jan 2, 2019
While these aren't rules in the Q&A forum, per se, it's set up to help organize questions in such a manner to receive the best possible answer by having a descriptive question up front that entices click-through and engagement.

If you happen to forget to put it in a question format, Okinawa.Org staff are more than willing to make the appropriate changes necessary to help you get your answer through minor changed and clearly marked edits.

The Okinawa Questions forum employes an older Q&A style which many may remember, e.g. Yahoo! Answers, that can help determine the best answer for the OP ("original poster"), while still providing future visitors differing opinions from other users, despite their ranked and ordered answers.

As far as the body, anything to convey your point goes, to including pictures, etc., until you feel that your question is expanded on with enough details. This way, those users with a vast knowledge of Okinawa can help you out by giving you a detailed response to your question as opposed to being baffled by a 5-word "sentence" that may or may not help detail your question. In other words, we would prefer detailed content.

Example Q&A Format
: Where's the nearest kids park?
Body: I have a two-year-old and a seven-year-old. I am looking for a place to take them near Urasoe. Are there any places that can satisfy both children, as well as myself?

Upvoting and downvoting
All members are able to upvote a great answer or to even downvote an answer that adds no value, with answers ordered by rank and not the time posted.

Only the original poster has the ability to select the best answer for them.

Any member, be it the OP or a random visitor is highly encouraged to privately report a post that is clearly off topic and does not answer the questions at hand. These reports are internal and will not be shared with anyone.

Generally, the posts will be removed without infractions, depending on what was posted, of course.

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