The Nirai-Kanai Bridge Observation Deck
Nirai-Kanai Bridge (Nanjo) Info and Pictures


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Dec 26, 2018
The Nirai Kanai Bridge Observation Deck provides one of the most spectacular views Okinawa has to offer.

The two connected bridges—the Nirai Bridge and Kanai Bridge—wrapping gracefully around a forested view in the foreground with spectacular views of Komaka Island and Kudaka Island resting in the Pacific Ocean in the background provide a great sight and pitstop if ever in Okinawa.

View from Nirai Kanai Bridge Observatory

It appears at one time that the observation deck was in actuality a "point of no return" for those heading east on 86 towards 331, in that, it would serve as a turn-around point if need be because there is no stopping or turning permitted on the bridge itself; you will have to travel its full length and then return again. I came to this conclusion when Google Maps GPS attempted to redirect me back around the "exits" (as I wanted to travel the bridge itself first) by car, so it must still be recognized as a drivable road (which it's not).

If approaching from the east, you will see signs and the roads blocked now, quite possibly due to the high tourist and foot traffic. Though, at the top, there is a parking lot. I'm assuming it just got too busy and was blocked off for pedestrians only.

The way to Nirai-Kanai Bridge

You will need to park on either side of the 86 and walk up to the observation point itself.

Nirai Kanai Bridge Observatory parking (left and right)

The best view of the Nirai-Kanai Bridge can be seen from this dirt area at the top of the tunnel.

The best view of the Nirai-Kanai Bridge from here

You'll see not only the bridge but a beautiful panorama of the Pacific Ocean as well.


If you're there for the perfect photo, you might have to wait a bit. There is constant slow traffic coming up and down the bridges. I had to wait about 15 minutes to get no traffic on the bridge in one shot. In the above panoramic view, I didn't want to wait for another break in traffic so the white car is a little crushed up, but is still a great view to save nonetheless.
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Nirai Kanai Bridge Observatory, Chinen Chinen, Nanjo, Okinawa, Japan

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