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While we initially opened Okinawa.Org with the Okinawa Questions forum, it was formatted in a normal thread view layout. This would almost certainly make finding the best answer out of many replies impossible, for the original poster to the typical visitor coming from a search engine that is also in need of answers.

We've introduced a new look and feel to this forum today. It is similar to the functionality of using Yahoo! Answers or any other major Q&A website that you may be familiar with.
Okinawa Questions added to Okinawa.Org

Like always, with this forum, members are able to ask a question and receive answers to them by other members of the community. However, with this addition, any registered user, including the asker, can upvote or downvote what they deem necessary. Nonetheless, only the member in which asked the initial question, or made the original post rather, can ultimately select which is the best answer as it is their question.

As of now, if an answer to a question is selected as the best answer from the original poster, the member that provided that answer will be notified of the selection with an alert. Down the line, there will be other features implemented on Okinawa.Org. The permissions to adequately use the new functions to the fullest potential, and not be limited to usage, will be granted to users who have the most upvotes and best answers to questions.

We are continually building on the initial platform that we launched. Some features, such as this, may not fully work as intended and might even have kinks to work out. If you run across anything malfunctioning or think that it might not be working as intended, please use the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum to privately discuss the matter with a staff member.

And as always, we would love to hear your feedback, whether on this feature or any requests that you would like to see happen in the future. Drop them in the Comments and Feedback forum for a public discussion.​
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