Attraction Nana Falls in Kijoka Village

NANA FALLS in KIJOKA VILLAGE --- I love this spot. And so do many others. However, there might be some folks here seeing it for the first time.

The picturesque nature of the twin cascade is very different than most other falls on Okinawa. Here you see it during heavy rains, but on most days, it's a pretty "postcard spot", good for all kinds of photography, soaking up the ambient sounds of nature, and providing a VERY SAFE river-play spot for your kids (if you've got any with you).

You can drive right to the falls, and park at the old Torii.

Nana Falls / Kijoka Falls torii (parking area)

NOTE !!! It's a one-lane road into the falls. Not many people come here, so most times you can go right in. However, if you meet a car, one of you will have to back up to a spot where you can pass. No problem. Just deal with it, and then go into the falls !

Although "Nana" means "Seven", "Nana-Taki" does not mean "The Seven Falls". A truer translation of "Nana Falls" would be something like "The Switch-Back Falls" --- as these Falls take their name from the trail of seven switch-backs that went up beside the cascade back in the days when the hillsides here were covered with terraced farmers fields.

Enjoy a nice side trip here if you're headed north to Okuma, and other points north. Bug Spray will make it even better.
:) Cheers !
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Seven Falls Of Kijoka, 2234 Kijoka, Ogimi, Okinawa, Japan