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Mizugama Seawall is an area popular with divers. It is located next to the mouth of the Hija River in the city of Kadena. Sunset Street drives right in front of the seawall and is a popular place for condominiums, apartments and mansions (the Japanese kind, not the American kind) for those that want a view of the setting sun over the Pacific from their couch.

Most of the divers appear to be small groups of individuals, but there are busses of tourist divers that appear here as well, attesting to the quality of dives just offshore. While I am no diving expert, the popularity of this spot may be due to the Hija River spilling a lot of fresh water into the ocean and providing for some interesting (and different?) flora and fauna. However, it may also just be that there is a ton of parking available in this spot, and spacious parking is key when you are loading out a full cargo of scuba gear.

In addition to scuba divers, there is plenty of shallow water for snorkeling. This area (especially along the Hija River) provides for a lot of area of waist-high water that even children could comfortably snorkel.

It would be very interesting to know if the supply of fresh water infusion makes this a popular diving spot, or if it was some other reason. Whatever the reason, the Mizugama Seawall is frequented by many an experienced diver.
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Mizugama Seawall, 6 Chome-14 Mizugama, 嘉手納町 Okinawa Prefecture, Japan


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