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The Mermaid Statue is located right behind the Nakagusuku Mall and in view of the Mermaid Café. However, it's not required to visit either of these locations to see the statue as it's on an open beach. If you are feeling hungry and need to fill up at the Kanehide on a budget with a bento box or at the Mermaid Café, those are always still options for you while you're in Nakagusuku.

When I visited, there were many people along the seawall and public park area(s) on outdoor tables eating, drinking and chatting it up

A tourist drinking Orion Southern Star on the seawall overlooking the Mermaid Statue .​

The beach isn't the cleanest, as in silky smooth sand, but your entire family can still have a great time out here building sandcastles or wading through the water even. It's probably advisable to wear water shoes of some sort because of the sharper rocks though.

Nakagusuku Bay beach

Nonetheless, the water is pretty clean!

Nakagusuku Bay beach water

A lot of people suggest that if you're solely going to visiting the Mermaid Statue is to go during the early morning as the tide will be in covering her as well as there being fewer tourists about. I, however, went midday and saw her exposed, so to say.

Mermaid Statue in Nakagusuku close up Mermaid Statue as seen from the front of the Mermaid Café

Either way, it's a good location to hit up and cross off your bucket list while visiting places in the central region of Okinawa.

And, you have serene views to the north with Kitanakagusuku in the backdrop of the mermaid too.

Mermaid Statue with Kitanakagusuku in the background
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Mermaid Statue, Kuba, Nakagusuku, Japan
DE Furugen of Yomitan had this to say about the Mermaid back in December, 2018 :

".....This is a mermaid created by my late father-in-law Soshu Furugen in the mid-80's after we bought what was Kubasaki Drive-In restaurant in '83. It became Mermaid Restaurant and was sold in the '90s and became Nakagusuku Mall with a small outlet (Little Mermaid) remaining inside. That was eventually sold and the mermaid remains for all to enjoy...."

Cheers !

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