War Memorial Memorial Monument of Lieutenant General Buckner


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
While this may be labeled on Google Maps as "Memorial of Lieutenant General Buckner" (USA), there's much more Battle of Okinawa history on this location than meets the eye. This is the spot is dedicated to many great people who gave the ultimate sacrifice or were tragic victims of the Battle of Okinawa.

Memorial for all Okinawan, Americans, and Japanese in the Battle of Okinawa.

The plaque reads, "Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr Killed on this spot 18 June 1945 – Battle of Okinawa".

Lieutenant General Simon Buckner Jr. memorial

Brigadier General Claudius M. Easley, USA, went to check on his men in the front. Subsequently, he was killed in action on 19 June 1945. He was the second general killed in one week. A memorial lay in his place here as well.

Brigadier General Claudius M. Easley memorial

Another casualty of the Battle of Okinawa was Colonel Edwin T. May, USA, killed 5 June 1945. Additionally, there's also a memorial for him here too.

Colonel Edwin T. May memorial

It's somewhat hard to see on the road, especially at dusk, but here is its landmark sign and what's atop the stairs:

LGen. Buckner Memorial road sign Memorial for LGen. Buckner area
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Memorial Monument of Lieutenant General Buckner, 615 Maezato, Itoman, Okinawa, Japan