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Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival (2019)

Looking to bring in the New Year in a non-traditional Western way? Try it with a dash of Okinawan culture in the mix this year by attending the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival.

The Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival is an event held at the Okinawa Peace Hall, located within Peace Memorial Park, to send off the old year and bring in the new with peace in mind, specifically speaking the horrors of war and the outcome of peace that was brought upon the world after WWII, with attendees as young as...

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This is something to expect on a yearly basis. The Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival will take place, marked by a firework show at midnight. However, the fireworks are hard to see due to trees in the way and you must go through the treeline to view them; though, it's not an obstacle course if you skip around in the video to see.

Turn head sideways. Recording horizontal somehow made the video vertical.

It's a very neat experience to bring in the new year. We'd recommend anyone to go if you ever get the chance and are here for more than one new year unless you like to participate in different cultural events, that is.


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That was a very unique experience!


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