Game Let's Play Shiritori!


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みかん mikan orange
You lose! In the game of shiritori, the word cannot end in -n or ん as there are no words that begin with ん (except for one Okinawan word that I am aware of). ;)

The word goes back to かみ (kami) by @David and the following word must begin with the last "letter" of み (mi) but not end in ん (-n). :)


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Okinawa.Org Staff
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kohii コーヒ-
Make sure you go to the last post of the thread so that you can reply in order. Sometimes it gets confusing because there can be replies so close together as well as some that "end the game" by using ーん or -n, where if a reply or correction isn't made in time, it's made off the previous post instead so the game can continue.

No troubles, just fun, and games! :)

We'll leave off with your post ending in い (i) on コーヒー (koohii / kohi), but if you scroll back, it was still left as み (mi).

It looks like @David picked it up with いちご and you replied with ごちそうさま でした , which is an expression that you made into a sentence. It's a very important one to learn, in appreciation for what was prepared to eat, so we're going to let it slide even though it doesn't follow the traditional rules (post #1) of replying with a proper noun.

The next word should start with た/ta (and everyone should take some time to memorize and learn more about the phrase you made ;)).


Okinawa.Org Staff
On topic: tako wasa is my favorite while drinking at an izakaya. 🍻🐙😋

子供 - こども - kodomo - child(ren) 🧒

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