Alcohol Lemon Sour With Mitsuya Cider!

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This is a pretty good, and famous, mix drink combination in Okinawa.

If you'd like to order it while out, possibly enjoying a good time with your family at an izakaya, it's called Lemon Sour. However, it can inexpensively be made at home by purchasing these two items: Suntory Lemon Sour and Mitsuya Cider; I get both at one of the lesser-known supermarkets in Okinawa that sell Family Mart branded goods as their 'generic' brand, Ryubo.

Enjoy a lemon sour mixed with Mitsuya Cider at home!

Poured over ice, you can take it slow and easily enjoy a nice 5% beverage that tastes nothing like alcohol with 1 ounce of base and 4 ounces of Cider. However, if you want to break the 9% STRONG barrier with a lemon flavor that doesn't give a kick to the gag reflex but still kick your ass, you may get up to a 50-50 mix with 4 ounces of base and 4 ounces of Cider for a 12.5%+.

It's a great drink so try out different mixes to see how you like it—I just eyeball mine so I couldn't tell you how much I pour, but it's definitely over 5%. Another thing I do is also keep it in the freezer for the duration of the bottle as it's typically gone by that night. Forgetting it in the freezer will result in an ice cube (and possibly a broken bottle) in the morning so don't forget you left it there!

You might want to get creative and try it with just soda water if you don't want it as sweet either which is most likely what you will be served at izakayas anyway.
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This is one of my favorite drinks at izakayas, I usually order it for my Senbero. You guys should also post about plum sour too, nothing can beat that awesome drink!?

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