Scenic Spot Kogusuku Observatory in Yaese

For those who have that insatiable need to spy out your domain, while looking over all that you rule, here's another fine LOOK-OUT TOWER (one of many all over the island) that lets you see southern Okinawa for miles around. The 20-year-old "Seibu Plaza Tembodai" --or, the "Kogusuku Observatory" is just off old Route 82, right HERE :
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Kogusuku Observatory, 96 字小城 Yaese, Okinawa, Japan



Okinawa.Org Staff
I ended up finding Kogusuku Observatory—thinking it was a new find for the site— merely on a GPS coin toss on which road to take to make my way down to the Okinawa southern coastline.

This observation deck would be a great place for a family picnic. There's plenty of roadside parking, somewhat illustrated in your panoramic picture in front if you were to face north, but you can see along the "stairs" there's much more area to pull off to the right, left, or even on other sides of adjacent roads.

You can also see that it's somewhat handicap accessible with a ramp leading up to the observation deck. However, you're going to need to take stairs once you get up there. So, be prepared for that.

Plenty of parking all around the Kogusuku Observatory observation deck

There are two picnic levels, both with picnic tables and other seating around the outer edge.

Two levels of picnic tables and rail-side single seating at Kogusuku Observatory

And if anyone was wondering, the first floor of the observation deck is bathrooms.

It was hard for me to tell what the first floor was from Rob's pictures. But, they're bathrooms at Kogusuku Observatory. catch a spectacular glimpse of Okinawa, east to west.

A panoramic view of Okinawa from east-north-to-west

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