Fun Kid's Are So Imaginative - At Gushimiyagihigashi (Dinosour) Park


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I took my daughter to what I call the dinosaur park (Gushimiyagihigashi Park) in Naha for the first time in a while today. It's where Okinawa.Org took one of our most popular Instagram photos of early 2019, shortly after beginning the website (thank you, everyone, for the support!):

She and her friends created this. They made "cookies on a platter", "cakes" and "cupcakes".

Gushimiyagihigashi (Dinosour) Park in Naha Okinawa

Wouldn't it be nice to be 8 again and enjoy the simpler things in life, like not having to pay bills? Though, we grow and can now enjoy our children's creations just as much. :)

If you want to check out the park, it's right here:

There's currently a small section of it blocked off and I'm hoping that they expand it to include more dinosaur-themed play equipment or even a toddler area for smaller kids to enjoy. Either way, your kids will have fun here if you run through Naha!
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