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Kaneku Seaside Park
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Kaneku Seaside Park is located along the ocean in Kadena near the landfilled area. The park itself is easy to miss unless you are looking for it as not much of it fronts any major roads. As big as it is, it is often overlooked.

However, there is a lot to do at this park for those that need space for sports. It contains three baseball fields, a gymnastics pavilion, basketball courts, tennis courts, a soccer area and a small water park. The water park is geared for the very young, with slides and fountains sized just right for 6 year-olds and below.

One side of the park fronts the ocean while the other side forms a sort of bay, where many locals can be found fishing.

The "loop" around the park is about 1 kilometer in length and completely free of any road traffic making for an excellent protected longer distance running area.

A hidden gem of open area right on the water, Kaneku Seaside Park is great for the sporting enthusiasts.
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Kaneku Seaside Park, 85-31 Kaneku, 嘉手納町 Kadena, Okinawa, Japan


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