Kakazu Takadai Park (Peace Park)
Kakazu Takadai Park (Peace Park) - Ginowan


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
Kakazu Takadai Park (Peace Park) in Ginowan must be one of my all-time favorite parks in Okinawa. It's got something for everyone: For those with toddlers to mid-aged kids to even teens, history buffs, and even fit freaks.

Once you arrive at the parking lot, like on a busy day like today, you'll notice that it can be quite cramped. It only has about 20 parking spaces, which shouldn't be a problem on most days as it's rarely to capacity. However, on a day like today—a Japanese holiday—people will squeeze in and even make their own spots.

Kakazu Takadai Park parking lot at full capacity during a holiday

To the left, as you enter the park from the parking lot is a grassy field and play area for larger kids. There's a nice "fake tree" that kids can even climb as well as what I like to call a "concussion maker" slide as it's entirely made from slippery concrete. Additionally, there's a picnic area and large grassy field to enjoy a nice time out with your older ones too, perhaps even the pups.

The heavy duty playground at Kakazu Takadai Park Left picnic area of Kakazu Peace Park

To the right is a smaller play area designed for toddlers and the likes with a padded ground and smaller toys—though they may prefer to run over to the other side of the park and play in the sandpit too! Like to the left, there's also another grassy area and picnic tables to rest and eat on.

A toddler playground at Kakazu Takadai Park

Straight down the middle of the entrance to the park is my favorite. Not because there are stairs, even though there's 124 of them, and I love me some stairs.

The stairs at Kakazu Takadai Park

No. It's because of what's at the top of them.

Kakazu Takadai Park (Kakazu Peace Park) observatory deck

At the top of the stairs there is an Earth-shaped observatory that has a two-story view 360-degree scenic view. The best of which it offers are views to the north with the Futenma Flightline and to the south with Urasoe.

MCAS Futenma Flightline view with Osprey from Kakazu Takadai Park observatory View of Urasoe from the observatory at Kakazu Peace Park

There's also some history of the Battle of Okinawa and the Battle of Kakazu Ridge to be learned up top as well.

Battle of Kakazu history

But, don't forget the tochka, the Russian name given to the fortified bunker that the Japanese used against the Americans. You can even get inside if you're daring enough and don't mind a bit of dirt!

On your way back down the stairs, about halfway, you'll notice a path to your right.

Pathway halfway up/down the stairs to the Kakazu Takadai Park observatory deck

This path leads to a now-closed off entrance of an intricate tunnel system that the Japanese used during the war.

The entrance to a tunnel system used by the Japanese during the Battle of Okinawa at Kakazu Peace Park The layout of the tunnel at Kakazu Takadai Park

After all that hiking around, you might just want to grab you a bottle of water or even an ice cream at the vending machine before taking off too!

Kakazu Takadai Park vending machines to cool off

This pole with "May Peace Prevail On Earth" written in different languages on each side of it only caught my eye as I was leaving. It's a great reminder of what was, and what is.

Kakazu Takadai Park: May Peace Prevail On Earth
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Kazutakadai Park Parking Lot, 1 Chome-5 Kakazu, Ginowan, Okinawa, Japan

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