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Okinawa.Org Staff
Okinawa.Org Staff
This forum will be used for finding and seeking jobs in Okinawa until the Okinawa Classifieds section of our site is built out in a way to handle job postings in a manner that can accommodate opening and closing dates for job listings in Okinawa, whether it be government, private, or local companies.

If you are an employer, feel free to post your position and information on how to apply. However, if you're seeking employment, post what you're looking for to be scouted out. Try to use the appropriate prefixes of "Opening" and "Seeking" while posting—though, a staff member will edit these in for you if not selected.

After which, this forum will return to the state of discussing working opportunities in Okinawa, opinions on different employers, visa questions, and more.
Not open for further replies.

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Welcome :)

If you create an introduction you will automatically get signature permissions, in which you are more than welcome to link to your Facebook Page (permissions granted automatically 20 minutes after the hour, every hour; PM me on Facebook or use the contact forum if you're having trouble).
Yasha Dragons Okinawa
Yasha Dragons Okinawa
Its time to meet the team! 😎 Nadia talks about what the Yasha Dragons Okinawa 🐉 mean to her!
Yasha Dragons Okinawa
Yasha Dragons Okinawa
Hey all! We are the Yasha Dragons Okinawa, dragon boat team. Yashas are strong, powerful, intense, beautiful guardian goddess spirits. Take a look at this link. Our goal is to provide a summer boat team experience that focuses on Okinawa traditions, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and respect.
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Thanks for registering! I'll be up to WMD this weekend or the following for the stamp archival as well as to get a taste and add you to Places. I know you're not feeling the best now, so let me know when you're up to par again! :)

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