Opinion Japan Enters Recession


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
If you've followed me on other SNS platforms, you may very well know that I've been waiting on the real estate bubble to pop prior to pulling the trigger on land in Okinawa to get a steal that only happens once in a lifetime. I foresaw housing to pop in 2021-2023 as it was growing too rapidly, but it could be much sooner now.

It looks like Abenomics has caught up with Japan and we're entering a recession. Why sooner than anticipated?

It appears that coronavirus pushed, or threw, Japan over the edge.

If it turns out to be true that we're just entering a recession, the worst is still to come. I'm hoping more are eager to sell land and my primary paycheck, in USD, is a lot more valuable in a locked in APR prior to recovery so I can get more for my money.

Those that already own should hurry and consider doing a cash out refinance, if able to in Japan, to get more yen on your property back before it's not as valuable as it is now. Plus, you may be able to get lower interest rates. I'd only recommend doing so if you have a USD cashflow as I believe it'll stay stronger. Doing so may open you up to buying a second property that you could use for passive income, i.e., a rental or just land you charge 3000-5000 yen per car to park on.
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