GUIDE Installing The Official Okinawa.Org Android App


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Jan 2, 2019
Installing the official Okinawa.Org app for Android users is quite possibly the easiest thing to do—membership not required.

While mobile, such as in Chrome, you will want to expand the menu button out by clicking the three parallel bars in the top left corner.
By clicking the "Install" button to the bottom left, you will then be prompted to download the app. Once it successfully downloads, this option will no longer appear on the menu.

Click to install the Okinawa.Org app! If the Install button doesn't appear, it's either already installed or your device (iOS) doesn't support it.

You will have to go to your applications on your phone and find it; it's fairly easy to spot with our Okinawa flag-like logo and "Okinawa.Org" as the name. You can leave it here or hard press on the icon to add it to your home screen for easier access.

See the Okinawa.Org app in your application finder (Android) Easily access the Okinawa.Org app by adding it to your home screen!

Uninstallation, although not recommended as Okinawa.Org will keep you up to date all things Okinawa, is just as easy as installation. Merely navigate to the application menu and find the "Okinawa.Org" icon. Once you've done this, click "Uninstall" and it will disappear from your phone. You can ensure that it's removed by navigating back to the installation step seen above and know that it's gone if you see the "Install" button again.
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