Ie Beach & Ie River
Ie Beach & Ie River (Kunigami) - Information
A ROCKY GORGE; a LOVELY POOL; low, climbable WATERFALLS, and a RIVER TO EXPLORE --- All just a few hundred yards upstream from a PRETTY BEACH, a SHADY BRIDGE, and PICTURESQUE SEA ROCKS.

Well, that sure covers a lot !!! And it even comes with a sea-side PARKING LOT and a little CAFE, to boot!

Welcome to IE RIVER and BEACH, where you can do it all at the same place, and call it a day.

You can walk the river and sandbars, swim up the gorge, sit in the "Bubble Bath Falls", experience the "Postcard Pool" that is more impressive than the little falls that feed it and explore the virgin upstream river for as far as you'd like.

Others have no interest in the river trek and spend their day picnicking in the shade of the Route 70 bridge, beach-bumming, snorkeling all around the Pinnacle Sea Rocks, and taking pretty postcard views for their memories.

It is also one of the few spots on Okinawa appearing in the live-action Japanese movie, "GE-GE-GE KITARO and the THOUSAND YEAR CURSE".

From movie-makers to moms with kids, the long drive to get there is worth it to some. And there is much to see and do along the way --- both going and coming.

Just another thing to see and do while on Okinawa.


❤ PICS (mostly of) the BEACH : https://www.flickr.com/…/okinawa-s…/albums/72157649017037731

❤ PICS (mostly of) the RIVER : https://www.flickr.com/…/okinawa-soba/sets/72157629653609042

♦ *** THE PIN *** --- PARKING for the BEACH, RIVER, GORGE, POOL, and the FALLS is right HERE (Entry trail is on the other side of the Road) Public Restrooms at the other end of the Bridge :
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