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It's a fairly simple process of embedding multiple types of media from different sources on this forum into any post.

Most users will see this toolbar:


You will want to select the three dots in followed by the dropdown triangle as seen below:


This will open up the option of embedding a lot of different types of media from both within this forum and from other areas of the internet.


From here, you can embed anything from our media gallery; items from Apple Music, Dailymotion, Facebook, Flickr, Giphy, Imgur, Instagram, Liveleak, Metacafe, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube by selecting "Media" and entering the respective share link from the source; a quote; a spoiler which will show a button that expands into a hidden box; an inline spoiler; inline code (which is generally used by our staff to post email addresses in order to stand out; Giphy GIF; articles/series from the Okinawa blog; and a place in Okinawa from our Places directory.

To get a hang of how to embed items from any source, feel free to use the Test Board.

If you do not see this drop-down, please Contact Okinawa.Org Support in a new thread—that remains private between you and staff members of this forum—with a message indicating so as well as the device that you're using so that we may be aware that easily embedding is visible across all platforms and screen resolutions as it should be.


Giphy embed searching for "Help"
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