Other Hike around Kinjo Dam in Naha

ANOTHER DAM DAY, and ANOTHER DAM HIKE --- The Triple-Tiered Trails that Run Rings around the Twin Holding Ponds of KINJO DAM, below the Walls of SHURI CASTLE


♥ LOOKING DOWN ON IT ALL : https://goo.gl/maps/W475baSq4c72
♦ PARKING HERE : https://goo.gl/maps/pQecRm3MQxT2
♦ and MORE PARKING if you enter HERE :https://goo.gl/maps/1qijUKr1PdT2

LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE MAPS, READ THE MAP NOTES, and the CLICK THROUGH THE PHOTOS. Between the Maps, Notes, and the Pics, you'll get the idea !

TWO MASSIVE CATCH BASINS lined with OVER TWO MILES of perfectly FLAT, LEVEL TRAILS, all connected by additional RAMPS, SLOPES, and a natural, grassy CROSS-BETWEEN AREA to vary your course.

Moms with strollers can go for a good mile --- all flat out from the upper parking lot --- on just ONE of the trails that rings both Ponds.... with a pleasant, easy, change-over point in the Natural Grassy Park between the two.

OR... you can skip all that "strolling", and just head down the sidewalk until you reach the central, grassy park area, and sit by the old bridge (built in the 1600s) along the equally-old stone "road".... while your kids play, and your friends run the hidden tracks, trails, and courses up in the trees.


My wife told me that NO ONE will be interested in this odd-ball place. That might be so, BUT.... I've posted it for the three people in the Okinawa who might might say to themselves, "Hmmmm.... I think I'll go check that out someday".


When I got to Oki back in 1973, this was a swampy area with a cheap little holding pond, meant to be a catch basin to prevent flooding along the Asato River down in Naha City.

Lots of bugs, no place to walk, and a city-bound no-mans-land of mud and scrub jungle.

Basically, the old dam hardly did its job, and whole areas of Naha occasionally flooded, even putting parts of Kokusai Street under water. Not good.


Taking 11 years to construct (1980 - 2000) Naha City quarried out the two HOLDING PONDS, while preserving a centuries-old bridge and road between the two.

I worked in Naha from 1985 to 2006, and observed the whole process. It took WAY longer than other dams, because the whole geology of the place is basically soft clay.

The engineers lined the quarry walls with trees and walkways, to give the city folks a place to run, jog, or just plain stroll in the cool of the day, and take advantage of the breezes that sometimes come down through this valley.

Once a massive construction scar of concrete and dirt, the trees have now grown in, and it's purpose fulfilled. If you go, you will find parts of it even a bit wild-looking.


I've walked every one of the "concrete trails" on every tier --- including un-marked side trails up into the woods and tomb areas on the southwest side. Either you'll like it, or you don't.

I have to confess that I have NOT gone up and down every one of the almost 50 flights of tier-connecting stairs scattered all over the place !

If you are the History-and-Culture type who likes visiting SHURI CASTLE, while a part of you also likes to walk, jog, or run in circles (haha), you can do both just off the end of the OKINAWA EXPRESSWAY --- Right to Shuri Castle for your history and culture, or left to Kinjo Dam for a good workout.

And, as the occasional sign says (as they do everywhere else on Okinawa)... WATCH OUT FOR HABU !

Cheers !
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Kinjo Dam, 4 Chome-25 Hantagawa, Naha, Okinawa, Japan



Okinawa.Org Staff
I noticed this area, not knowing what it was at the time when I was on a route to go walk Kinjo Stone Road. I'm glad that you shared it as because, on nicer days, this looks like an amazing place to take a stroll around.

Unfortunately, we were running out of time to stop by on our way home and the weather was getting bad so we decided against it last time.

Thanks for reminding me what a great area it is with all these photos. I will definitely have to check it out, sooner than later. :)

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