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Hi all!
I’ve been on Oki for over 4 years. I love the beach & exploring Okinawa in general. Though I’ve been here awhile, there’s still a lot I haven’t done. I’m always looking for a new location to explore, festival to attend, or cafe to enjoy. Can’t wait to learn from this community :)


Okinawa.Org Staff
Okinawa.Org Staff
Hey @Beach-Bum , welcome to Okinawa.Org!

If you haven't used a forum before or unfamiliar with this platform, there are several guides (some still in the process of being made). One thing I just enabled for your account is the ability to add a profile cover. You can find that guide in the FAQ, Rules, and Help Guides forum.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the private staff forum Contact Okinawa.Org Support as not all staff are on at once and you'll get a quicker response there.

And, we'd also love to hear your feedback on features you'd like added, even on things that you dislike. If feasible, they might just happen to make it a better community for all, or, taken away.

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Welcome :)

If you create an introduction you will automatically get signature permissions, in which you are more than welcome to link to your Facebook Page (permissions granted automatically 20 minutes after the hour, every hour; PM me on Facebook or use the contact forum if you're having trouble).
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David WMD STREET FOOD David wrote on WMD STREET FOOD's profile.
Thanks for registering! I'll be up to WMD this weekend or the following for the stamp archival as well as to get a taste and add you to Places. I know you're not feeling the best now, so let me know when you're up to par again! :)

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