Introduction Hey I’m fffork aka Alex


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Good Afternoon!

I’m fffork (also my Xbox gamertag feel free to add me) aka Alex, I’m a DoDEA employee on Kadena, I’m also a AD military spouse. Been on island for a year and a half, it’s been a lot of fun so far traveling all over Asia. We’re currently expecting our second child in a couple months. I already have 1 boy 9 years old. I enjoy hiking, skateboarding, video games, and I’m a cat person.
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Welcome to the forum, Alex!

If you haven't noticed, it's not only a forum, but also a blog, a business directory with coupons to help growing families such as you save some money around Okinawa, classifieds, and media gallery that allows for higher resolution images to be uploaded as well (with an event calendar being implemented soon).

If you think anything else could be added for better functionality, drop us a line in
Comments and Feedback. And, if you run into anything that you might think is an error (as participation across all areas is permission-based), please get in touch with us through the private one-on-one forum Contact Okinawa.Org Support so we can look into what might be causing the error.

Hope to see you around more often to share your experiences! :)

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