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Well, I suppose I should start this forum off with an introduction of my own...

I'm David, Founder of Okinawa.Org. I started this site with my wife after administrating several Facebook groups and coming to the conclusion that all is lost in groups. Facebook Groups, able to access quick information, just aren't set up in a manner which most people can use, but still, for whatever reason, rely on (most likely because quick access to information, I get that much). Social media is good for passing information on rapidly, but it's eventually lost in translation, as are your pictures (the second reason why I started this).

If you go to your timeline and scroll way back to a picture you took but no longer have, I challenge you to save it and try to print it on a 5x7". It will be blurry, guaranteed. I see far too many pictures from the mid-40s in some groups that have been colorized and retouched. That is eventually going to happen again 50 years down the line without some form of preservation (everything uploaded here stays in full quality, and print ready at a whims notice). I want Okinawa to last as best as it can.

Enough about the site, though.

A little about me: I'm a former Marine that was first stationed on Okinawa in 2006. I knew from the moment I landed at Naha Airport that this was where I wanted to live for the rest of my life—well, maybe not immediately, but within the first couple of months for sure.

I've only been back home on leave in 2007 for 10 days. After EAS'ing from the military in late 2008, I tried to make a home back home, but it just didn't feel as homey as here. So, my wife, step-daughter, and I packed our bags once again and relocated back to Okinawa after just 3 months. I've been here ever since, with the exception of a vacation back home in 2014 and some traveling around Asia. Okinawa is where I call home; I've been here my entire adult life.

I didn't get out much in my earlier years (20s) besides clubs, bars, and beaches, but now that I've hit my 30s, and have a larger family, that has slowed down a lot. I'm going to try and focus some more of my time visiting everywhere I possibly can here and document the best of it in our media gallery, Places with reviews (I've been to more than what's shown over the years but feel it'd be unfair to leave reviews on places I haven't visited in forever) on the blog and within forum discussions.

I look forward to learning about each other community member in the future and growing this site into something much greater than Facebook can be for Okinawa (my original mission statement got lost in one version of the site that was created months ago, but once up, it'll give you an idea of how Okinawa.Org will be a better place for those here or interested in coming here).
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