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Hello. I'm Marcus. I've been lurking the site forums for a few weeks, now. I found the site while searching for local COVID-19 information. I really appreciate the information posted, here. My wife and I have been on island for around 18 months. I thought it was time to say hi. I want to thank David and everyone else that keeps the COVID-19 thread active and informative. I look forward to poking around the other areas of the site.
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Hi Marcus
New on the site myself. Although I don't live in Okinawa, I'm up there in Yamaguchi-ken. My interest in Okinawa was to tour the place this year on bicycle, but now it is on hold.
18 months in Okinawa, wow. How do you like it there?


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Well, welcome to the forum, Marcus!
I want to thank David and everyone else that keeps the COVID-19 thread active and informative.
It's a community effort to keep everyone in Okinawa advised on our current situation as well as what choices made that could negatively or positively impact us moving forward. I'm sure everyone is thankful of your appreciation as well if they haven't ventured out of the one thread yet. That said, feel free posting findings that we all might've missed but would be interest to us there.

Okinawa.Org is much more than a forum and there are many things to see around here that you can add to an on island itinerary when this is said and done.

I believe you can still explore the islad (SOFA) and many places in Okinawa Pin Drops are isolated so there should be no worries with good hygiene!

Learning (or teaching) Japanese and our games can be a good distraction as well.


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