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Goya OMG i hate the stuff. I really do no lie the most bitter tasting vegetable i think it is i have ever tasted and never will again in my life LOL. But its very well eaten by alot of folks more power to ya hope you enjoy your Goya day. Ya know what i never saw Goya on stick BBQ'D hmm business idea brewing in my mind lol


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Goya OMG i hate the stuff
I used to hate goya too. Nevertheless, the flavor really grows on you. In order to reap its full benefits of longevity—in my opinion—it should be eaten at least once or twice a week, minimum.

How I began eating goya slices was introducing the same amount of goya that would typically be served in goya chanpuru. However, instead of slicing in half down the middle and then cutting it into "C" shapes, my wife would dice it up into very small pieces; the pieces would almost be parsley sized and look as if it were more of a garnish if anything. From there, the tastes just mixed. Slowly, the garnishing got bigger and bigger where the taste doesn't bother me anymore; though, I do tend to like bitter tastes such as dark coffee, etc.—I just couldn't handle a large chunk of goya at first.

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I think they need to make "goya sake". Actually, the Okinawan people make a kick ass whiskey of some type.
Use to come in a ceramic bottle. Do you guys know which one it is. It is so powerful.

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