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Dec 26, 2018
My first attempt to visit Hacksaw Ridge left me right below it, at the basin where Urasoe Youdore is at on the Urasoe Castle Ruins site.

My second attempt led me to Needle Rock—a cool rock formation on the same ridge and a good history lesson, but not where I intended on going either time.

I remember someone telling me that I was "right there" but couldn't tell where it was as I was unsure about the mapping of the area. Well, I found out that instead of taking a left from the parking lot where I originally went the first time in February 2019, I had to go straight and keep going straight.

Go through the Hacksaw Ridge parking lot entrance Go straight up the hill, through the reconstructed Urasoe Castle Ruins walls And continue on the pathway to see Hacksaw Ridge

It would've eventually led me to a clear field with a covered bench and some benches in the sun.

A covered bench to get out of the high noon sun at Hacksaw Ridge Benches lining Hacksaw Ridge

Where I'd not only learn more about Hacksaw Ridge…

About Hacksaw Ridge

About Hacksaw Ridge said:
During the Battle of Okinawa, the hilly area of the Urasoe Gusuku ruins was referred to as, "Hacksaw Ridge" by the Americans and, "The Maeda Escarpment" by the Japanese forces.

The northern side of the area, which was host to the American frontal attack, was also home to a sheer cliff. When the American military ascended to the top of the cliff they were met by violent resistance from the Japanese, forcing them to retreat back down the ridge and leaving them with high numbers of casualties.

Desmond Doss, an American combat medic, was a conscientious objector on the basis of his religion and so refused to bear arms during the war; even in the midst of heavy fire from the Japanese, Doss was able to save the lives of many soldiers. His actions during the war would later earn him the Medal of Honor.

…But I'd also have an awesome panoramic view of Urasoe City.

Hacksaw Ridge panorama

However, I wanted to see the base of Hacksaw Ridge as depicted in the Mel Gibson movie.

In order to see it from the base, I needed to go back down to the parking lot and swing that left. I could see it again, somewhat at a side angle, by going to Urasoe Youdore.

Side view of Hacksaw Ridge at Urasoe Youdore

However, to see it from the base, I needed to take the pathway down and away from the ruins.

Go right to the Ruins and Urasoe Youdore Go left and take this pathway to the road

At the road, you will be able to look up and see how overgrown Hacksaw Ridge is now in comparison to what it only could have looked like during the Battle of Okinawa when the foliage was gone.

Hacksaw Ridge from the base

Follow the pin in the post to the parking lot and these instructions if you'd like to visit Hacksaw Ridge so that you don't end up like me in two other (neat) places instead! :)
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Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
These are great pictures!
Thank you! ?

I try to take good pictures of the locations that I go to as well as photos that can illustrate precisely where to go. Sometimes when I try to find a place, even with GPS, written directions aren't enough. There needs to be some visual indication on where to go to find some stuff on Okinawa, and that's what I'm attempting to do—tell a story, provide the relevant information, and give proper directions with a GPS pin, so it's foolproof.

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