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Dec 26, 2018
I can't believe that tomorrow will mark 10 years since the most devastation that I witnessed on live TV struck Japan. I just so happened to drop my pregnant wife off at Main Place while I ran an errand where they had a TV on and everyone looking at a wave sweeping over Japan. I asked if it was real or some sort of simulation when they told me it was real... but I just couldn't believe it.

It wasn't until I picked my wife up from San A when she had a special print of an Okinawa Times newspaper printed and passed out that quickly regarding the tsunami that hit Japan after an earthquake that I realized what I was watching was in fact live TV.

RIP to those that lost their lives.

Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami March 11 2021

On March 11, 2021 at 2:46 p.m. Japan Standard Time, Marine Corps Installations across Okinawa will be having a moment of silence to remember the lives lost during the Great East Japan Earthquake. Following the moment of silence, at 3:00 p.m. JST, the camps will be sounding the Tsunami alarm for approximately 2 minutes as part of the memorial. This alarm will be sounded for commemorative purposes only and will be heard throughout Okinawa.

I'm wondering if Okinawa Prefecture will also sound the tsunami alarms or if this is only coordinated by the U.S. in respect for the Japanese? I haven't heard anything about the tsunami drill alarm going off around us here in Naha.
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Mar 26, 2020
Just an earthquake the other day at 7 point. That's all I know about it. Any damage ?