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There are so many talented artists in Okinawa, whether it be from water painting to sketching and even photography—I've met so many that have helped me on Okinawa.Org projects as well as upcoming projects not yet released.

In my early days, I had almost no idea what I was doing with my Canon T6i (with a Canon 24-105mm F4L lens as I knew I was going to upgrade to a full-frame camera sooner than later).

Hari Boat (Dragon Boat) on the shore of a beach in Itoman City

Unlike most beginners, I was at least in aperture mode but still ended up shooting this one at f4 (the widest open) because I liked the sharpness of the front of the hari boat (dragon boat) with it getting softer and then finally the island in the background still appear, but fade away as it wasn't my main focus on Kitanashiro Beach in Itoman.

@Elizabeth Gomez took notice of this, most likely from my Instagram post as I tend to post different pictures of the same subject across different platforms. This one, thus far, turned out to be my 6th liked photo with 349 likes for nearly the year.

She likes painting unique stuff and requested to paint that photo, so, I unwatermarked it (as I would for anyone on request as all photos I take all have a CC BY-NC 4.0 license unless otherwise specified) and was flabbergasted that she'd want to not only paint it but to also sell prints, which I was completely fine with. I gave her a Free Cultural Work license for this so my work, as a beginning photographer, could get out there and be freely sold.

What I was not expecting was to run into her at Tinsel Town on Kadena Air Base and get a free print of it! 😇

I had to take a picture and modified it a bit to look like it was done on a computer, and "watermarked" (pun intended), but, will follow up once I find the perfect frame for it to hang it on my wall.

The print was almost a total loss as some beer accidentally spilled into the bag holding it. Fortunately, none made its way into the protective plastic covering and all is good. :)

If you happen to be an artist, photographer, etc. in Okinawa and want to collab, message @Okinawa on this forum to see what we can do together. (y)
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