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Apr 9, 2020
Now if nobody thinks this virus is a lie then how does Denny and his experts foresee the future? Gov. Denny is saying after the 16th of this month there will 700 new infections. Since when is everyone a fortune teller? There is no way to predict 700 new infections by next week unless Denny plans it that way. Total bull and if you people can't see that this is garbage news with a hidden agenda to it i don't know what is anymore. So next week its not going to be nightlife establishment infections as that failed to pan out so my guess is next week with 700 new infections it will be children next on the chopping block for the virus.
Read the article that came just now from Denny and he is predicting the future of infections which will happen because him and mainland are working on this bs together.
Cannot foresee the future with some kind of test called epidemiological analysis. Yeah things are getting worse because we can see the future of infections before they happen OMG you people point fingers at me call me nuts and a liar what about Denny and his fortune telling band of merry men experts. The peak of infections will be on the 16th 5 days from now according to fortune tellers.

But John a member here says i got the facts wrong from a printed article. So GOD i mean John has to tell us all what to do with this article that was posted because this is a above substandard level of conversation for me that i got data wrong from this article so if you have any questions to this article above substandard level of thinking which means if your not stupid GOD will answer your questions.

沖縄、今後1週間で700人感染想定 16日ごろピークか 10日現在で死者10人に
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Dec 26, 2018
In every field of everything known to man, projections are always made. I'm in business and I fortune tell just about everything I do. In fact, I'm doing it right now picking where I should buy my house in Okinawa as it's going to be part apartment complex; I have to fortune tell whether it will be at a 100% occupancy rate for the duration of the mortgage while simultaneously keeping other things on my mind on how to monetize empty rooms if they remain open too long (AirBnB, etc.).

While I don't believe he's a fortune teller, based upon R0 and the people working on/with COVID-19 (hospitals, government agencies doing contact tracing, etc.), I'm sure they can accurately create some type of model to see the direction that Okinawa is headed by now. That said, it can be far off and we could see 10 times as many infections, or, it can be spot on. We just have to wait it out to see how accurate he was. Nevertheless, I think it's quite accurate if you take R0 into consideration with the multipliers of 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. as he's predicting 700 new coronavirus infections in 7 days... that's double to triple digits per day, as we've been seeing for some time now.

Keep in mind, a lot of businesses opted for the one-time payment of 200,000 yen to close for the first state of emergency (Okinawa's declaration only). As it was somewhat extended, in Naha with elementary and junior high schools closing for another week at least, Naha City businesses may see another round of payments. These "bailouts" may also be the way that Governor Tamaki is predicting how it will go as a lot of infections are occurring in Naha; and, with an extension of payments, it may only be 700 instead of 7000.

R0 and keeping Naha City almost closed could be the two factors determining the "700" prediction in one week as opposed to much more.

We'll see.

At this point, we need to be more focused on getting people treatment, while concurrently keeping infections low, so that the death rate from COVID-19 in Okinawa doesn't climb as it has been dramatically thus far.

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Mar 26, 2020
As an island the infection rate is unknown due to the the closeness of the people who could affect actually up the 100% of the people if drastic measures are not taken luckily the virus doesn't kill on the spot but once infected and then cleared of the infection which is not one of the percent sure as we all know by now that the infection can damage many parts of the human body and also the brain to Shoal nobody knows what's really going to happen

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