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So how do you all start out your mornings.
For me its like this.
1. trash time
2. feed Rocky (he's 18 years old) a good diet of yogurt, cooked cabbage and decent canned dog food mixed with some dry dog food
3. turn the computer on
4. say "ohayou" to the wife, get back an "ohayou" ( not always with a smile though, took the trash out late )
5. coffee time
6. check with wife for daily schedule
7. computer time

after all that then my morning begins with about one hour to help do house work
boring I know, but that's life in Japan for me :)
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  1. Wake up (it takes a while these days :D)
  2. Coffee
  3. Turn on the computer (it's always on and only takes about 2 seconds to wake up)
  4. ...and the kiddo.
  5. Another coffee time.
  6. Definitely see if there's anything that I should know that's on the agenda that I probably forgot from yesterday's brief.
  7. Computer time
It seems like we're pretty much on the same schedule, with different agendas. :)

Bernice W

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My “morning” usually begins at 11:00 or later (thanks insomnia!).
1. Check email and the calendar on my phone
2. Shower
3. Coffee
4. Feed the cat
5. Pet the cat if he so desires ?
6. Check my to do list

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