Adventure Giza Banta Cliff Waterfall After A Typhoon


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While Giza Banta Cliff may be a beautiful waterfall, not too far out of reach on Okinawa with the Expressway, it's even better to experience on a clear day after a typhoon such as the most recent one, Typhoon Tapah (1917).

This is primarily due to the extra water flow coming down. Add in full tide, and, well, it's surreal, to say the least.

I was unprepared to take the quest fully down the rocky cliff as I had Daiso 100-yen flip flops on, which broke on me halfway down. So, I stopped at the upper portion of the falls.

At this point, I set up shop and snapped this long exposure shot of the falls. If I had proper shoes and made the full trek, the waterfall would've been amazing to see!

It wasn't a complete loss, however. I've never seen the waves so huge on the East side of Okinawa. So, as I live-streamed the falls and ocean on Facebook…

I also took a timelapse of the ocean waves breaking.

Next time I venture out to the falls, I'm going to be prepared with proper shoes to get down to the point where the magic happens; and, I thought about installing guideline roping to assist others in getting down as it can be quite tricky to find the correct pathway down.
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Okinawa.Org Staff
Beautiful shots! Invest in some shoes!!!!!
Definitely will.

I see some great shots of the waterfall, but I'm assuming they're all at a trickle. The typhoon that passed by and dropped all that rain made it roar! 🦁😄

I'll be prepared to visit Giza Banta Cliff next time there's heavy showers or a typhoon as I was unsure how one got down. It took me a while to figure out...

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