Suggestion Geocaching on Okinawa and Sharing Caches

Elizabeth Gomez

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Unpaid caches can be found at and there are tons of them. As for paid caches, then you are encroaching on their business, I would think. But it might be fun to get people to share stories which was what I was hoping to do by telling how I got stopped by the police.
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I can see how copying private caches over to our site might become a legal issue.

However, those caches were placed by certain individuals. I don't know if their particular caches are copyrighted, per se, or have exclusivity to the paid sites.

How would you suggest opening up a geocaching area specifically for Okinawa.Org that's organized? Would you prefer it done in a listings fashion such as in our Places directory or through a forum format, which is how other sites are, in something like Okinawa Pin Drops ("global map" to be implemented soon for all posts)?

Would you "lock" some caches from being visible to guests or even to members who haven't found X caches yet?