Historical Landmark Funakoshi River And Man-Made Spring

Funakoshi River And Man-Made Spring
Funakoshi River - Nanjo - Pictures and Info


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Dec 26, 2018
The cactus farm is a great location to stop by for a quick 5-15 minute visit. But, there is a historical landmark right across the street that you shouldn't overlook as well: The Funakoshi Okawa, or Funakoshi River, rather.

Some may pass it over as it looks so barren with when I visited, overgrowth and not a lot of water flow.

Front view of the Funakoshi River spring

But, it's quite a serene spot to spend another 5, or maybe even 30 minutes at sitting on these cubes under the canopy of this tree until the sun sets, overlooking the cacti across the street.

Cubed boxes for seating? At Funakoshi River

To get there was pretty confusing because it was overgrown. At first, I was unsure if I'd have to walk through the pool of water, in which I didn't go prepared. But, there's a trail to the right of it.

Pathway to the Funakoshi River behind the main spring bed

Where you'll not only be able to overlook the flowing water(fall?) of the river itself, which might be low due to no rain lately...

The slow 'trickle' of the Funakoshi River

But, you can see where the water comes from too.

Water source for the Funakoshi River as well as the women's area

While you're up top, you'll notice this information about the Funakoshi River:

Funakoshi River information

If you're not well-versed in Japanese, it is explaining that the bottom pool was used for men and children to bathe in as well as to raise eels. The top portion, where the water comes from, was reserved for women only. It tells you that the man-made spring's construction was approximately 200 years ago, but nobody is quite sure about the exact details of that. Like most natural, and man-made springs, during that time, the water was also essential to the people of the area as well.

There's also a shrine atop the hill as well.

A shrine on the side of the Funakoshi River
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