Question Family Mart vs. Lawson: Who does it better?


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Both Family Mart and Lawson have their differences. I tend to like the cutlet/curry at Family Mart as a cheaper alternative to CoCo's Curry (or anything above 500 yen for that matter as it's a fairly cheap dish to make); it has just enough spice and flavor for me. The premium chicken: Nobody beats it. Sandwiches were better at Lawson, that is until Family Mart introduced their premium hot sandwiches (which I choose to eat cold) that use better meats, cheeses, and more filling bread.

Snacks, on the other hand, differ from both locations. Both offer a variety of different munchies and tastes to accompany the palette. I could go for either place for some chips or chocolates.

When it comes to pan (snack bread), I think that the Family Mart brand choices are superior of those offered at Lawson.

I think Lawson has Family Mart beat on specialty coffees, but, I am a BOSS or UCC black coffee drinker myself so this doesn't really apply to me. I just recently took notice of this.

Now, Family Mart is offering pizza in some locations too!

Which is your favorite, and why? Is your choice based upon what they offer, the service, convenience, or something else?
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Family Mart! There's one right by our house and we spend like one fourth of the income every month! We need to move somewhere else...
I must spend about all my spare money there too; it's just so convenient, but, expensive.

But, I'll settle for Lawson if I absolutely have to. ?

However, Lawson is somewhat out of the way here that if I had to go, I'd rather stop by a supermarket like San A, Union or Maxvalu to save a few hundred yen and to get something a little healthier too.

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Hey guys. I just wanted to say that we have a website that is Apparel specifically for people who love Okinawa. We started it out of passion to share our love for Oki with others and hopefully make some new friends who share the same passion.

Sorry, I’m only mentioning this because we have a whole collection of apparel for Family Mart and Lawson fans and it fits perefectly into this conversation. ?

Check it out here ?

By the way David I love the group you started here and on Facebook. It really inspires me to see everyone talking about Oki with so much passion. It makes me miss it so much! I’m Team Family btw


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Sorry, I’m only mentioning this because we have a whole collection of apparel for Family Mart and Lawson fans and it fits perefectly into this conversation. ?
If you have any on island, I'd rock the Famima shirt every time I got a snack. I'm sure I'd wear it out quickly with as many visits as I make a day. ?

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Haha, Yes! We don’t have any for sale on the island but they are on our website. We’ve had many purchases come from Okinawa so you might be seeing Team Family and Team Lawson Shirts around. ?

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