INFO Escape Rain Or Shine With Indoor Fun At Tomiton


Okinawa.Org Staff
Looking to escape either the blistering sun or pouring rain? It's no secret that Okinawa can be too sunny or even rain at undesirable times, so one should always have an indoor backup plan.

Try out Tomiton in Tomigusuku!


They are hosting an indoor event until May 6th.

There are three main attractions of this event.

The trampoline park is 800 yen for 20 minutes:


The bouncy park that has a smaller trampoline and dedicated toddler area is 600 yen for 30 minutes:

20190502_171944.jpg 20190502_180024.jpg 20190502_180011.jpg

And an outdoor kids Ferris wheel which is 400 yen per ride:


There's also an A&W there and a Blue Seal in the parking lot.


You can get a family set which includes 2 hot dogs, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, 4 fries and 4 drinks for 2000 yen at A&W. Stop by Blue Seal and you can try their popular 2 flavors for 600 yen too.

Location: 〒901-0225 Okinawa, Tomigusuku, Toyosaki, 1−411
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