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It looks like with stiff competition from Suntory making a 77% version as well as more shipments of isopropyl alcohol coming in, Chuko 65 had to reduce their prices from the introductory level of 900 yen (plus tax) to 768 yen.

Chuko 65% being sold around the island.

Both the bottle and displays discourage drinking it as it is 65% ethyl alcohol, putting it at the lowest alcohol contents of Everclear of 120 proof which can get dangerous quite quickly.

A bottle of Chuko 65% seen in an Okinawa farmer's market

The intended purpose of Chuko 65 is for hand sanitizer.

With the 77% bottle, you'll wind up with the 2nd strongest Everclear of 151 proof.

If you choose to drink Chuko 65, from high school experience of Everclear 120 proof, be cautious and drink responsibly—this will hit you hard and you could be on the floor in a matter of minutes. ?

I'm sure even less than teaspoon consumed could even put you well beyond the legal driving limit of a 0.03 BAC too!

If you have teens in the house, be cautious of 65% and 77% alcohol being on the market so you don't need to pick them up from the hospital (or worse).

I'll be grabbing a bottle for three purposes: a quick fix drink, hand sanitizer, and a fire accelerant.

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