Question Does Okinawa have pawnshops or recycle shops?

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Just curious. Seems like Second Street is big on the main island. Nothing really is cheap either.
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There are a ton of used shops here. Second Street didn't spring up here, that I know of, until around 5 years ago.

There's also Manga Souko around the island as well as Hard Off and Book Off to just mention three other popular ones.

I haven't ever seen anything like a thrift store or pawn shop here. Everywhere wants to severely underpay and overprice used goods. This makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint as they have to pay per square meter of storage, which there is not a lot of, and wait for turnover.


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Yeah, that would be the competitor site of our Okinawa Classifieds section to this site, which was only implemented because Bookoo will close traffic on Sunday when most people want to conduct business dealings.

You're rarely going to find good deals for used stuff on Okinawa with Americans. I can scroll through it and be like, "Price they could have paid, the price they could have paid, the price they paid, the price they paid." It'll only be like 1 in 50 that will actually price what items are worth used comparatively to what they should be and only 1/2 will really barter down to the range in which it should be.

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