Question Do you tip your tattoo artist in Okinawa, Japan?

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist In Okinawa
Do you tip your tattoo artist in Japan?


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Jan 18, 2019
It's well aware that tipping in Japan isn't accustomary, but would one tip a tattoo artist after the work is done, and if so, what is a reasonable amount to tip?
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Dec 26, 2018
For the most part, people would generally tip their waiter, cab drivers, and even hairdressers and barbers as well—sometimes up to 15% and beyond for an excellent job well done in the States. The same general rule applies to tipping tattoo artists in the States too.

Through digging, I can't find any concrete number on how much you should tip your tattoo artist in Okinawa. Though, I know It's customary to be done to show appreciation for their work well done, just like the server that brought you coffee and asked how your morning was going.

This quote best explains tipping and tattoos in Japan:
Despite what is written above about tipping in Japan, it’s not quite that straightforward when getting a tattoo. And it’s an issue we have to address on a fairly regular basis. There is tattoo culture and there is Japanese hospitality culture – this is an area where they intersect and there is no straightforward answer.

Source: A Brief Guide to Tipping in Japan - Pacific Tattoo Co
The best advice is to consider tipping, whether it be in the United States or in Okinawa, Japan, apart of the cost and add to the overall price. Some may offer you the advice of giving additional money, while others to give beer—I'd do both, revisiting and returning with beer as a present in favor once the tattoo is healed and the way I wanted it, showing my appreciation for their good work done, and have done so too.

I've always personally tipped for my tattoos in Okinawa as they were all walk-ins near closing time and I wanted them done now. I think it would have been rude to walk out the door without tipping when they stayed overtime to finish my (simple) pieces as I worked long hours and could never get in to see them.

Furthermore, they're putting something permanent on your body that you wanted, so why not tip if it comes out the way you wanted or even better than expected?

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