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A picture came across my Facebook feed today. It asked, "Do you speak Japanglish?" and proceeded to give examples of Japanese and English mashed together, but not the definitions to help you learn and remember real Japanese.

It listed:

JapanglishJapaneseEnglish Translation
konnichiwassupkonnichiwawhat's up / good afternoon
seeyanarasayonarasee ya / goodbye
chotto a minutechotto mattehold on
arigathanks gozaimucharigatou gozaimasuthank you
don't ishimention itdo itashi mashitedon't mention it (you're welcome)
hisashi been a whilehisashiburiit's been a while
tadai'm hometadaimaI'm home
daijouokay?daijoubu?are you ok?
yamete kudastopyamete kudasaistop, please
urashut upurusaishut up
subaramazingsubarashiiamazing / wonderful
dareka help medarekasomebody (help me)
hontrue desu ka?hontou desu ka?really?
everything is daijoufineeverything is daijoubueverything is fine
eatadakimasuitadakimasusaid in 'thanks' before eating
doushite is this happeningdoushitewhy (is this happening)

And other people commented with other examples such as:
  • "Do you wakuru me?" or "Do you understand me?"
  • "Bye-yonara" or "sayonara" ("bye")
  • "It's hotsui" or atsui ("it's hot")
And of course, the more famous, "don't touch my moustache" or "douitashimashite" (you're welcome).

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