Question Do the Okinawaians still make the best fried rice in Japan?

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Off base at Kadena Air Base was a fried rice joint, likely not there no more. After judo or karate practice I'd go to it and chow down. Had the best fried rice I've ever eaten.
Also off base was a fried chicken joint (take out only) , back then the legs of the chicken were so big, not like today.

Anyway, I really would like to get to Okinawa after this corona virus stuff settles down.

Any of you here in or around Kadena, if so, you have any pictures of restaurants that serve some kick a... rice. Unlikely that I remember what it looks like.
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I tend to enjoy the taco rice more, but just about any mom & pop shop can whip up delicious (family recipe) chahan, or fried rice, rather.

I'd just avoid reheated fried rice from chains like Gusto, etc. and get the good stuff.

As far as recommendations go, I sadly have none to contribute. :(

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island cyclist

island cyclist

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I literally lived off of fried rice and they chicken legs for the evening and weekend meals. I 'm looking at the pictures here on the site. Looks like Okinawa really got modern ?


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OK, I down voted it.
So I guess you folks have a lot more Chinese food joints and hamburger places. What about pizza?
Have American franchises moved it?
We have Dominos off base in quite a few locations. As far as how it tastes in comparison to the US, couldn't tell you; but would assume by just it being Japanese that it's a lot better, presentable and taste-wise, as every American franchise here is (KFC, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, etc.).

I'm a fan of HOT-TO Pizza down here in Naha as they deliver and are reasonably priced.

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