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For those that would like to try out shokudos, here is some Japanese writing of meals so that you can know which button on the ticket vending machine that you should be looking for.

Menu ItemsJapanese
Fried Pork Cutlet Meal Setとんかつ定食
Fried Pork Cutlet Bowlとんかつ丼
Okinawa Soba(沖縄)そば
Goya Champruゴーヤチャンプルー
Yakiniku Meal Set焼肉定食
Cooked Beef牛肉炒め
Fried Riceチャーハン
Chicken Curry & Riceチキンカレー
Chicken Curry, Rice, & Pork Cutletチキンカツカレー
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl照焼き丼

There are more menu items that can be introduced, but these are what most shokudos serve.

While meal sets come with rice and miso soup served in different bowls, the "bowl menus" come with the food on top of the rice in a bowl.

I hope you will find shokudos comfortable dining places; and, if you find something that you're unsure of, be sure to post it here to clarify and share!

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