Did 2 soldiers rob an money exchange office

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Times must be tough for GI's in Okinawa.
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It's rumored that they were 'foreigner' and 'military'.

However, I don't think many Japanese could tell the difference between an airsoft rifle and a real M16A4 (or any other military-grade weapons at that) if painted right.


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I suppose I'm a little behind on this case and it does look like a soldier and another SOFA personnel could've been involved in the robbery.
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — Two people who live and work at Kadena Air Base are suspected of making off with nearly $65,000 in the armed robbery of a currency exchange shop on Okinawa.
Kadena’s 18th Wing said in a statement Friday evening that “a civilian and an Army soldier” are being looked at as suspects in the “ongoing investigation, which is being led by Okinawa Police Station.”
On Friday afternoon, local media photographed a uniformed U.S. soldier being escorted into the police station by U.S. military police.
Those convicted of robbery with threat or assault face between five years and 20 years imprisonment under Japanese criminal law, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Source: US soldier, civilian base worker suspected of robbing $65,000 from currency exchange shop on Okinawa


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So they caught them.
Appears to have been caught, but they're just suspects.

I'm not one to jump on the bandwagon and say that someone is guilty before proven innocent. They are just suspects to me. They will be tried in the respective courts and get what is coming to them if they are guilty.

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