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I feel that users should be able to apply custom titles to express themselves. If users cant set there own title, maybe we could have a selection of titles / suggest a title.
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We have a user ladder for titles that currently goes in the order of messages left on the forum: New member (0-24), member (25-99), Active member (100-499), and Well-known member (500+).

However, you do make a good point of customization and expression of one's self. We just don't want fly-by spam bots to come in and put a link there with absolutely no participation on the forum.

That said, we've decided that 1 post in the forums and membership of 7 days will merit a custom title at any time. If someone would like it done earlier, they can contact a staff member to enable this option so that it's manually vetted before being automatically processed once the criteria is met.

If a custom title is not set, it'll revert to the user ladder.

We will write a guide on how to modify your title; but for now, it should be seen in your account preferences as you do have 1 message on the forum and have been a member for more than 7 days.

You have been awarded the "My Idea" medal for this suggestion.
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